Welcome to the most advanced Travian Bot ever made

Key features:

  • No installation needed
  • Controlled via browser (mobile friendly)
  • Unlimited multiaccounts with hidden IP and cookies
  • TOTAL STEALTH: indistinguishable from a human player

If you want to excel in the classic Travian game, you NEED this bot.

Brought to you by the makers of VilloNanny and VilloFetch

Registration is currently disabled. You can leave your email address to join alpha/beta testing or to be notified of development progress.

The email address will not be given away and will not be used for anything different from what you choose.

To opt-out, deselect all choices after typing your email address. To change your choice, simply repeat the process with the same email address.

Current status: CLOSED ALPHA

Well, yes it's been a while but we're constantly making progress, so don't lose your hope!

Alpha test candidates: 2332 players

Thank you for your interest and please be patient
v0.3 "phoenix" alpha-0102