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Key features:

  • No installation needed: runs in the cloud!
  • Controlled via browser (mobile friendly)
  • Multiaccounts with hidden IP and cookies
  • TOTAL STEALTH: indistinguishable from a human player

If you want to excel in the classic Travian game, you NEED this bot.

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Current status: OPEN BETA

There is a limit on the number of active users. When you register, you might have to wait in a queue for a free slot to become available.


20 dec 2021
  • Fixed registering on servers with long urls
  • Fixed reading messages
16 nov 2021
  • Fixed slot building on new Travian versions
29 sep 2021
  • Fixed build when video not playing
27 sep 2021
  • Fix for new Travian version
  • New building support: Hospital
  • Created new Discord server
13 mar 2021
  • Removed cookie panel when browsing manually
09 mar 2021
  • Fixed cookie panel when browsing manually
26 feb 2021
  • Can buy gold now! Tested with Paypal only but it should work with other methods too
24 feb 2021
  • Internal optimizations
23 feb 2021
  • Hero gold/silver manual exchange fix
  • Hero manually send to adventure fix
  • Better ban detection
22 feb 2021
  • Fixed reading long messages
18 feb 2021
  • Dismiss random cookie banner
  • "Tab not found" fix
  • "Nothing happened after clicking on element" fix
17 feb 2021
  • Uppercase server url fix
  • "Resource production not found" fix
  • "village map not found" fix
16 feb 2021
  • New proxy provider
  • "level not found" fix
  • 20x faster network!
  • User-defined proxies removed
10 feb 2021
  • Stability improvements
  • Detection of defending hero
  • Detection of captcha at login
03 jan 2021
  • Max Travian Accounts limit rised to 50
02 jan 2021
  • Fixed hero adventures when no adventures available
  • Fixed GrowItem with video
  • Fixed login with cookie dialog
  • Removed limit on user-defined proxies
14 dec 2020
  • Hero adventures available on the "Manage Account" page
  • GrowItem fixed
  • Reading messages and reports fixed
Older entries removed.
v0.83 "phoenix" beta-0207